our aims

The Art Bus Chester aims to provide high-quality art education at a reasonable cost within a relaxed but stimulating environment of friendship and creativity. The individuality of each child or adult in our care will be respected and nurtured in a safe, secure, and fun environment to learn and develop. 

At The Art Bus Chester we specialise in teaching art and pottery from the age of 2 to 102! We strive to create activities based on each child’s and adult’s interests and their stage of development enabling each child/adult to reach their full potential in art. 

We are passionate about helping children and adults realise their capabilities, by providing enabling environments and fantastic opportunities to develop new skills throughout their childhood, into their adult life and for the rest of their lives.

Programmes run during school, after school and during school holidays for children and adults of all ages.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach and are passionate about delivering leading art education and out of school clubs.

jo inchley – founder

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